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Ashford United 5-0 Maidstone United

Monday 11th February 2019

By Katie Rumble


This Monday Night saw the Ashford United boys score another 3 points for two weeks in a row with a 5-0 battering of Maidstone U18s. The game started slow, but from the minute go we could see that the boys wanted this. They seemed to have a new confidence after their win against K Sports last week. In the first 5 minutes we had two free kicks, yet nothing came of them. However, it wasn’t until the 20th minute that we had our best attempt so far. Maidstone hadn’t had a look in before a play was made and the ball was crossed into the box, skimming the post as no one could quite get a foot on it. In the 28th minute the referee (Morgan Davis) blew up for a foul that many said was a good challenge, causing the game to pause for a minute as a few players debated with him. Luckily, no cards were seen. The boys continued to push hard, and in the 33rd minute their work played off as a cross into the box saw number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) score, putting the score at 1-0. However, this goal caused Maidstone to pick up and in the 40th minute they made a break, but our defence cleared the ball well before they had a chance to score. Not long after, the half time whistle blew, and the boys went into the changing rooms looking happy with themselves.

Once the teams had come back out and the whistle blew, it only took two minutes before we scored again. A break for number 9 (Paldon Bepe) saw him play the ball past the keeper and into the net, leaving the score at 2-0. Up until the 60th minute there weren’t any close attempts for either side, but a few times we were hopeful as we pressured Maidstone’s keeper – even winning the ball before him once. But unfortunately, nothing came of these. The play was strong, no silly mistakes were made, and they looked like they were hungry for it. In the 60th minute we won a free kick but it went straight into the keeper’s hands, but 7 minutes later we were pressured as Maidstone made an attempt – luckily it went no where near the goal, instead heading out of the stadium. This spurred our boys on and a minute later we went 3-0 up as number 10 (Billy Harkness) beat the keeper to the ball as he headed it down and into the goal. In the 73rd minute we made a double sub, taking off number 9 (Paldon Bepe) and bringing on number 12 (Reece Blyth), also taking off number 4 (Callum Edwards) and bringing on number 17 (Chuck Alagbuoso). These substitutes seemed to make a change as one minute after coming on number 17 (Chuck Alagbuoso) made an attempt which hit the bar. Then two minutes later we also saw an attempt for number 12 (Reece Blyth) but nothing came of it. We made our last substitute in the 81st minute, taking off number 16 (Frankie Walker) and bringing on number 5 (Ashley Aslett). 3 minutes later we saw number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) score his second goal, bringing the score to 4-0 as he played the ball round the keeper and into the goal. One minute later, in the 85th minute, we saw our last goal from number 12 (Reece Blyth), after a brilliant cross from number 8 (Kundai Munyama) saw Reece jump and head the ball into the net. In the 90th minute, with spirits running high, Maidstone pressured us, but despite a cross being put in, our keeper (Charlie Wealands) punched the ball out and our defence dealt with it before they could have a chance. Not a minute later the whistle blew for full time leaving everyone pleased with a very comfortable 5-0 win, reminding everyone the potential this squad has.


Starting Squad – 1 (Charlie Wealands), 3 (Sonny Wirt), 4 (Callum Edwards), 6 (Jack Brown), 7 (Taylor Whitmore), 8 (Kundai Munyama), 9 (Ilumiranashe Bepe), 10 (Billy Harkness), 11 (Anthony Oladipupo), 14 (Gabriel Eba), 16 (Frankie Walker)

Subs: 2 (Zac Cowley), 5 (Ashley Aslett), 15 (Louis Harrison), 17 (Oghentegiri Alagbuoso) 12 (Reece Blyth)