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By Katie Rumble.

FA Youth Cup 2nd Qualifying Round

Hampton & Richmond Borough U18s 5-1 Ashford United U18s

Ashford U18s were unfortunately unable to beat the strong side Hampton Richmond Borough. In a game which saw the opposition boast possession in both the first and second halves of the game, the boys were, unfortunately, unable to score the goals needed to win the match. However this in no way, shape or form, stopped them from trying their hardest to defend and attack the goals. In the first minute HRB tested our keeper, Charlie Wealands, with a lofted ball through the middle, coming to a one on one which was saved and sent for a corner. Nothing came of this; however the referee David Joseph gave a free kick outside of the box for a silly foul. Luckily, the ball was saved. Not even 5 minutes later we were tested again, their attack seeming to constantly break our defence even this early on. The ball was hit, and our keeper saved it, sending it out only for it to skim the post and be kicked out. Suddenly, we seemed to pick up and hope was gained once again that perhaps, once the game properly got started we would have a chance.

The opposition seemed strong, but we hadn’t tested them yet. Within the first 10 minutes we had numerous chances, the ball being crossed into the box but no one being able to quite get their foot on it before the defence scrambled it out. In around the 15th minute the opposition had home fans’ hearts pumping as they made a counter attack but luckily our defence stood up and managed to tackle the attacker and kick the ball out, narrowly round the pole.

In the 23rd minute our hearts were pumping again, but this time with adrenaline and hope as number 5, Reece Blyth, gained the ball, managed to avoid the keeper and toe poke it into the bottom right corner. Happily making the score 1-0. Unfortunately, not even 5 minutes later, in the 26th minute of the game, we conceded a goal, taking the score to 1-1 after a one on one with our keeper. Two minutes later and the score reached 1-2, after a player broke through our defence and managed to score a goal. Hope was still there, it wasn’t half time and we still had a good shot. Multiple balls were hit towards the box but unfortunately blocked by the oppositions defence each time. We couldn’t manage to make it through them, they were a very strong side.

In the 39th minute another goal was scored for the opposition. They, once again, broke through the defence and after another one on one scored. In the last minute of the first half, a cross was received in the box but unfortunately it didn’t make it in and instead went over the bar. At half time, the boys looked slightly deflated but everyone knew they were trying their hardest. The first sub was made at half time, number 2, Zac Cowley, was subbed for number 4 Callum Edwards. Despite the change made, in the 48th minute they scored again, taking it up to 1-4. They had made it into the 18-yard box but no one managed to close the player down, leaving him for an open shot. The play slowed down slightly after this, both sides playing good football but nothing coming of it. Until the 52nd minute, when Hampton Richmond Borough scored their last, and final goal, coming from around the 7-yard point, simply coming from our defence not being able to close him down.

In the 54th minute we made our second sub, number 12, Jakub (Kuba) Grynko for number 15, Ashley Aslett. In the 67th minute we had a good shot, two attempts within the space of a minute. A free kick was given and taken well but the keeper saved it.  For the rest of the game, the rest of our chances seemed to be free kicks. In the 71st minute we had our first booking, going to number 10, Billy Harkness, after a defensive tackle was made near the box. Not long after, we saw two more bookings from numbers 3, Sonny Wirt, and 11, Anthony (Tony) Oladipupo. For the rest of the match the play was fair, but in the last 10 minutes we seemed to pick up. Our last sub was made, taking off number 8, Kundai Munyuma, for number 16, Jack Mason. A free kick was given to us, taken well by number 7, Taylor Whitmore. Unfortunately the ball hit the wall, we scrambled to get it but it was hit over the bar. Not long after we gained our final chance from a free kick, taken by number 4, Callum Edwards. It missed but we got it back and one of our players was tackled and fell to the floor. There were many calls for a penalty but the Ref was firm and did not give it. 3 minutes of added time were played but nothing came from it.

Despite the tough game and large score difference, the boys played well and were very strong with multiple areas of the game. The game wasn’t as one sided as the score suggests, and hopefully, next time the boys play we could see a better score.


Starting Line Up – (1) Charlie Wealands, (2) Zack Cowley, (3) Sonny Wirt, (5) Reece Blyth, (6) Jack Brown, (7) Taylor Whitmore, (8)Kundai Munyuma, (9), Oyhenetegiri Alaybuoso, (10) Billy Harkness, (11) Anthony Oladipupo, (12) Jakub Grynko

Subs – (4) Callum Edwards, (14) Bafana Khumalo, (15) Ashley Aslett, (16) Jack Mason