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Maidstone United Under 18s 2-1 Ashford United Under 18s

Bostik League Youth East Division
Tuesday 20th November 2018
By Katie Rumble

Tuesday’s match saw our Ashford United boys lose 2-1 to Maidstone United away to the Gallagher Stadium. After their cup defeat of 9-2 in a cup match to Metropolitan Police last week, we were left feeling hopeful as the play in the beginnings of the match was strong and we boasted most of the possession. In the first 20 minutes of the match, the play was strong for both teams, with many balls played in our attacking third but no chances taken. In the 28th minute we saw our first promising cross into the box but Maidstone’s defence scrambled to get the ball out. Not even a minute later we had our first proper chance. A cross into the box saw Ashford head the ball towards the net but unfortunately the ball was saved before it went over the line. In the 31st minute we saw Maidstone have their first promising chance, after an intercepted pass which ended in, luckily, a high shot over the bar. This did not get the boys down, however, and they pushed on, with number 10 (Billy Harkness) managing to break through the defence for a one on one with the keeper. Unfortunately for him, the keeper was able to save the ball. In the 35th minute Ashford had another strong chance; leaving the fans watching with their fingers crossed as number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) attempted a shot which was defended. The Ashford boys managed to prevent the ball from going out of the box and a cross was made but no one could quite get a foot onto it. In the 43rd minute we went 1-0 down as Maidstone managed to defeat our defence leaving the attacker to shoot despite a one on one with our keeper (Charlie Wealands). Three minutes later we were tested again, but luckily our keeper made a save, preventing the score from rising.

After half time we were left hoping that the boys wouldn’t let the score get them down, and in the 50th minute, after a Maidstone player took a bad touch on the ball, our number 10 (Billy Harkness) tackled the ball, headed up the pitch and scored. Leaving it 1-1. The rest of the half saw us play slightly worse football. Many silly mistakes were made meaning Maidstone were given more chances than we were, especially with free kicks. In the 62nd minute of the game, number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) defeated Maidstone’s defence and had a shot which rebounded off of the keeper back into the box. There was a lot of scrambling in the box and unfortunately none of the boys could quite get a strong enough foot on it despite their best efforts. In the 68th minute of the game we gave away a silly free kick from just outside of the box, where the cross saw number 6 (Jack Brown) head the ball out of the pitch, keeping us from losing for the time being. In the 74th minute we made our first sub, taking off number 9 (Ilumiranashe Bepe) for number 12 (Reece Blyth). Not a minute later our keeper was tested again as Maidstone had a strong shot that he was able to save. Our last chance of the game came in the 84th minute where we took a strong shot from just outside of the box which went just wide of the post. The last minute of the game was a tense one as Maidstone gained a free kick from another silly foul which saw the cross hammered in. After another scramble in the box for the ball, it ended with an own goal from Ashford’s defender number 6 (Jack Brown) who, with a powerful shot, attempted to kick the ball out of the pitch which unfortunately ended up in the goal instead. The whistle blew not long after leaving the score 2-1 and the boys defeated again.

Starting Squad: 1 (Charlie Wealands, 6 (Jack Brown), 5 (Louis Harrison), 10 (Billy Harkness), 7 (Taylor Whitmore), 9 (Ilumiranashe Bepe), 8 (Kundai Munyama), 11 (Anthony Oladipupo), 3 (Sonny Wirt), 17 (Oghenetegiri Alagbuoso) 4 – Captain, (Callum Edwards)

Subs: 12, (Reece Blyth), 2, (Zac Cowley), 14, (Klaidi Krasniqi), 16 (Bafana Khumalo)