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Ashford United Under 18s 0-4 Corinthian Under 18s

Bostik League Youth East Division

35 attendance

By Katie Rumble.

Monday 7th January 2019 night saw our Under 18’s Bostik league side take on Under 18s Corinthian in their first game of the new year. Everyone was hopeful that we would secure a win to cut off the losing streak after beating the team earlier on in the season. In the first minute of the game we saw a corner for Ashford, crossed in by number 7 (Taylor Whitmore). Corinthian keeper managed to punch the ball out, sending it for another corner. This time, when it was crossed into the box, we managed a foot onto the ball and an attempt was made, sadly defended, denying a goal scoring opportunity. The 4th minute of the game saw the referee (Ben Marshall) give a controversial penalty after shoulder to shoulder barging in the box. It was what many described as a ‘soft penalty’. The penalty was taken, and Ashford turned 0-1 down after our keeper was unable to stop the shot. In the 13th minute of the game, our defence gave the ball away too easily to the opposition, leading to a 1 on 1 with our keeper (Charlie Wealands) who came out on top keeping the score at 0-1. In the 20th minute of the game number 9 ( Ilumiranashe Bepe) recieved a yellow card after a crunching tackle. We didn’t have a strong chance at scoring up until the 28th minute of the game, when a through ball by our number 10 and Captain (Billy Harkness), was taken up into the box by number 9 (Ilumiranashe Bepe), who crossed it but was shoved as his foot hit the ball, causing it to go off target. There were calls for a penalty for us, but the referee didn’t even give it a thought. A minute later we had our second strong chance as the ball was crossed in and after a scramble in the box between teams, we managed to pass it back out to number 10 who had a shot that was tipped over the bar by their keeper. In the 32nd minute of the game, Corinthian picked up the pace and when they were given a free kick for a foul that not many people thought was deserving, a powerful attempt luckily missed the goal. 3 minutes later they struck again but their shot was saved by our keeper. A minute later the referee gave another foul against us outside of the box, but before it could be taken there was some pushing and shoving between the teams as the game heated up. The situation was calmed down and luckily, the boys kept their heads, and nothing came of the free kick. Up until half time neither team had a strong chance, but it was obvious the score was taking a toll on the boys’ performance and so, we could only hope that they would come back out and change the game.

When the game began again, we had subbed number 3 (Sonny Wirt) for number 4 (Callum Edwards), but the change in players didn’t stop the Corinthian having a shot in the first minute of the second half luckily saved by our keeper. The 47th minute saw the score drop to 0-2 after our defence couldn’t clear the ball and after scrambling in the box the Corinthian put it top corner which our keeper wasn’t able to save. We made our second sub in the 52nd minute of the game as we took off number 12 (Reece Blyth) and brought on number 17 (Oghenetegiri Alagbuoso). We then made our last sub in the 60th minute of the game, taking off number 6 (Jack Brown) and bringing on number 5 (Ashley Astlett). Despite the changes Corinthian were the only ones having the chances after multiple fouls against us for fair tackles saw us give away too many free kicks. The 72nd minute saw a second yellow card for the boys as number 5 (Ashley Aslett). In the 78th minute of the game, we went down to 10 men after number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) was taken off the pitch by our physio after clashing heads with another player and hurting himself. In the 82nd minute we gave away another free kick from a foul. The shot was saved by our keeper. But two minutes later the last goal of the match was scored, shot straight in so that our keeper didn’t even get a look in, taking the score to 0-4. In the 88th minute we received a yellow card for number 8 (Kundai Munyama) over a tackle, but the decision was questioned by a few fans. The last minute of the game saw Corinthian foul our keeper, but no other shots were made, and the game finished as another defeat. The Ashford boys not quite out of their losing streak yet.

Starting Squad – 1 (Charlie Wealands), 3 (Sonny Wirt), 6 (Jack Brown), 7 (Taylor Whitmore), 8 (Kundai Munyama), 9 (Ilumiranashe Bepe), 10 (Billy Harkness), 11 (Anthony Oladipupo), 12 (Reece Blyth), 14 (Gabriel Eba), 15 (Louis Harrison)

Subs – 4 (Callum Edwards), 5 (Ashley Aslett), 16 (Bafana Khumalo), 17 (Oghenetegiri Alagbuoso)