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Monday 26th November 2018

Bostik League Youth East Division

Ashford United Under 18s 0-3 Sutton Common Rovers Under 18s

By Katie Rumble

Monday night saw our Under 18s side clash in a league game against the strong opposition of Sutton Common Rovers. The game was strong, very fast and despite the Ashford boys playing hard, they found themselves beaten for three weeks in a row. The first 5 minutes of the match were tense, we saw the Ashford boys break and have their first strong attempt in the first minute, but it was saved by the keeper. Followed shortly by a free kick given towards us.Nothing came of this, however, as the ball rebounded off of their defence, causing a corner, taken by our number 7 (Taylor Whitmore) which was defended. In the 8th minute we saw our second strong attempt as a shot skimmed the post but went out. For now, it seemed like we were dominating the game, SCR had barely taken a shot and it was looking good for us, we just couldn’t quite get it into the net. In the 15th minute we were properly tested for the first time. Ashford were given a throw in close to the box and a bad ball saw SCR have their first shot. This just went round the post and they were given a corner. Ashford’s defence scrambled to kick the ball out, and after just about managing SCR had their second corner which was caught by our keeper (Charlie Wealands). After this SCR seemed to pick up and kept pushing our boys harder and harder. In the 22nd minute we gave away a silly penalty for shirt pulling in the box, and our keeper was unable to save it, giving SCR a 0-1 lead. Not even two minutes later we went 0-2 down after a quick run down the wing was crossed into the box. Ashford’s defence tackled the player with the ball with SCR calling for a penalty which was not given. This caused the boys to momentarily pause which allowed for a shot at the goal which made it in. Shortly after, we made two more attempts which were both saved by the keeper. However, the 45th minute of the game saw us gain a one on one with the keeper. Both players went down, the keeper tackling our player. The boys carried on and a shot was made which went into the goal. However, the referee, Morgan Davis, made the controversial decision that there was a foul against the keeper, despite many calls saying it was a fair tackle for both sides, and that the keeper hadn’t got the ball when he tackled us. However, the goal was disallowed and a minute later we heard the whistle blow for half time.

After half time we were hoping the boys would come out with their heads held high wanting to make a comeback but unfortunately it seemed as if the score had gotten them down. They were still working hard, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough against the strong side. In the 55th minute we had another shot, taken by our captain,number 4 (Callum Edwards). Unfrotunately though, this was missed. We were hopeful a few minutes later as a free kick was switched and played up to the box. There was a shot by number 10 (Billy Harkness) but it did not get to the back of the net. In the 64th minute we saw our first and only booking for number 6 (Jack Brown) who recieved a yellow for tackling and ‘kicking out’ at a player. A minute later we were tested once again as another break through the defence saw SCR come to a one on one with our keeper who saved the ball before they could take a shot. In the 66th minute we made our first substitutes, taking off number 9 (Bepe Ilumiranashe) for number 12 (Reece Blyth) and number 6(Jack Brown) for number 5 (Ashley Aslett). In the 73rd minute number 12 (Reece Blyth) had his first shot which, unfortunately, went over the bar. Not a minute later we saw the score reach 0-3 after a one on one with our keeper was scored into the bottom right corner, the ball just skimming our keeper’s fingertips.  We made our last sub in the 75th minute, taking off number 10 (Billy Harkness) for number 16 (Bafana Khumalo). The rest of the game saw much slower play, with few attempts for either side, many silly fouls and pointless plays; ending the night with a disapointnig 0-3 score to Sutton Common Rovers.

Starting Squad – 1 (Charlie Wealands), 4 (Callum Edwards), 6 (Jack Brown), 15 (Louis Harrison), 11 (Anthony Oladipupo), 8 (Kundai Munyama), 3 (Sonny Wirt), 10 (Billy Harkness), 7 (Taylor Whitmore), 9 (Bepe Ilumiranashe), 14 (Oghenetegiri Alagbuoso).

Substitues – 12 (Reece Blyth), 5 (Ashley Aslett), 16 (Bafana Khumalo).