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Ashford United Under 18s 3-1 East Grinstead Town Under 18s

Bostik League Youth East Division

Monday 22nd October 2018

By Katie Rumble

Despite the chilly evening, Ashford United U18s managed to gain 3 points, taking them top of the league. Within the first few minutes it was obvious that Ashford were the stronger team but despite many chances in the first 10 minutes coming from a free kick and two corners, we were unable to put the ball into the back of the net. In the 9th minute we saw a chance from number 10, Billy Harkness, as the ball was passed up the wing to him and he attacked the box. Unfortunately nothing came of this and by the 12th minute we had our first proper test. The opposition broke through our defence, and despite a one on one with our keeper, Charlie Wealands, they were unable to have a shot. By now we were able to see that we were boasting most of the possession, and the only chances the opposition had seemed to come from our silly mistakes. In the 16th minute, EG managed a break again, coming to a one on one but this time a successful slide tackle from our keeper didn’t seem to be enough as they had a shot. Luckily one of our defenders headed the ball over the net. However, our Keeper went down injured from the slide tackle. In the 26th minute we saw our first most promising bit of play from number 7, Taylor Whitmore as a cross brought down nicely to his feet saw him tap it into the bottom left corner after the keeper fumbled slightly and couldn’t quite get his fingertips on it.  After that we had multiple shots but nothing came from them, leaving us feeling hopeful as the whistle blew at half time, with a 1-0 score.

As the second half of the match started, we hadn’t yet made a sub. In the 46th minute of the match we gained another corner, this time looking hopeful as number 4, Callum Edwards, shot forward. But, yet again, we were unable to make it. In the 49th minute we saw ourselves under pressure, another one of their players broke through our defence, and after another one on one they were able to score, taking it to 1-1. There were calls that their goal was offside but the Referee, Ross Cooper, didn’t even stop to think about it.  In the 62nd minute we made our first substitute, number 2, Zac Cowley, came off for number 16, Oghenetegiri Alagouoso (Chuck).  The game seemed to speed up after this with the opposition gaining a free kick from just outside of the box from a silly foul, but , luckily for us, nothing came from it. In the 68th minute we saw our goal scorer, number 7, Taylor Whitmore down for an injury after a challenge. Despite the injury being painful enough to warrant a stretcher, there seemed to be no need for a booking. Due to this we made our second sub as Taylor came off and number 12, Reece Blyth, came on. The boys seemed to hold their heads high despite the current draw and in the 74th minute we saw the score boast to 2-1 as number 4, Callum Edwards, managed to head the ball into the goal after it was crossed into the box. The boys seemed happy with the score and in the 82nd minute the game came to a pause as the Referee went to speak to the Lino after a tackle in the box when the ball went out, coming to the conclusion that Ashford deserved a penalty. It was taken by number 16, Chuck, and the anticipation from the rather large crowd of 117 could be felt. Unfortunately, the ball was hit straight down the middle and their keeper saved it. Keeping the score as 2-1. No one seemed to let this damper their spirits as they were still winning, but they weren’t giving up yet. In less than 10 minutes we had another 3 shots but nothing was to come of them. In the 90th minute we made our final substitute, number 15, Bafana Khumalo came off for number 14, Jakub Grynko (Kuba). Now into extra time, not even a minute later, we saw the score increase to 3-1. The ball was passed through the defence, and hit splendidly into the goal by number 8, Kundai Munyama. Two more minutes were seen with very little action. Bringing the game to an end with a very positive score.