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Sunday 16th December 2018

Kent Youth League Central Division

Ashford United Under 15s 7-0 Greenway Aces Under 15s

Venue – Homelands Stadium


Last Sunday the Nuts & Bolts lads had their last game of the year before a much deserved winter break and for the 5th week in a row had the home advantage when they faced league strugglers Greenway Aces. From the very start Ashford took complete control and played a very smooth passing game and took advantage of the space afforded them by their opponents by bringing keeper Matt Lane into play almost like an extra defensive player and the left and right field players making long range passes to opposite side of the pitch to find a team mate when they needed to switch play. With a number of on target shots within the first 10 minutes Ashford kept on probing Greenway Aces defence and testing the keeper who made some real show stopper saves. The first of the day came in the 15th minute when Paddy Underhill’s pass found Jayden Wilson who slotted home Ashfords first, 11 minutes later a 25 yard free kick was powered home by Ollie Halls and for the remainder of the first half Ashford keep the pace and pressure high.

It only took 3 minutes of the second half for Ashford to strike again when a across the box pass from Rueben London-Hobbs was slotted home by Jeremiah Bamgbose, with the next 20 minutes of play where Ashford were told to keep possession and play their smooth passing game the Greenway keeper was called into action again and again as his midfield and defence just could not cope with the out and out pace of the Ashford boys. In the space of six minutes Ewoma Akporehe got his hat-trick with assistance from Rowan Shardlow for his 1st and Ollie Halls for his 3rd. With 1 minute of play remaining Jeremiah Bamgbose struck again for his second of the day and Ashford romped home the winners 7-0 with sees them go clear at the top of the table on points and goal difference for the Christmas break.