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Sunday 10th March 2019

Kent Youth League Under 15s Central Division

Sevenoaks Town Under 15s 1-6 Ashford United Under 15s

Venue – Greatness Park, Sevenoaks


After having rested last weekend due to no fixture, the Ashford United Kent Youth League boys were back in action on Sunday when they travelled to Greatness Park to face mid-table Sevenoaks Town. Both teams faced very challenging conditions with the near gale force winds playing a big role in the way in which the players were forced to adapt their playing styles. Possibly due to the home field advantage it was Sevenoaks who settled first and just had the edge over Ashford during the early part of the match and during the first half hour Sevenoaks managed to get a few shots away, none of which really put Ashford keeper Matt Lane under too much pressure and the Nuts & Bolts steadily grew into the game and started to turn around the flow of possession. Ashford’s 1st and 2nd goal came via striker Jeremiah Bamgbose with the space of 3 minutes just before the break and as the first half ended the Nuts & Bolts boys had a 2-0 lead and were starting to take control. Sevenoaks’ half time team talk must have hit the mark as they drew one back in the 7th minute of the second half but as they have consistently shown this season it was at this stage that Ashford upped the pressure and rarely let Sevenoaks back into the proceedings and with 11th and 23rd minute (of the second half) goals followed by a penalty in the 26th minute Ashford increased their advantage to 5-1. Having had a great session of play Ashford midfielder George McIlroy was showing the signs of the days physical work load but along with the rest of the team kept driving forward. The final goal of the game came with just two minutes left on the clock and Ashford finished 6-1 victors. This coming Sunday 17th March 2019 Ashford are in the Final of the Kent County Cup where they face league rivals Ebbsfleet United, at Faversham Town’s stadium 10.30am kick off.