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Saturday 11th May 2019

Ashford United Juniors Under 15s 1-0 Mersham JFC Under 15s

Ashford & District Youth Football League Under 15s Cup Final

By Lynette Crisp

Mersham came out onto the pitch very strong wanting to win the game. Their defence were on our strikers every step of the way.

Their striker Raven was determined to get a goal and kept on battling through but Ashford’s defence, with captain Declan McDonald, were holding strong. Enya Shehaq was all over the pitch stopping Mersham’s midfield at every turn. Ashford’s strikers were finding the goal but unfortunately were not on target. Mersham’s defence were proving to be a powerful force and made Ashford striker George Crisp frustrated with not being able to get through.

Just before half time Adam Briant came down the left wing towards the goal and fought his way through the defence and scored the only goal of the match.

The second half saw Mersham come out with their heads held high but Ashford just kept the ball up at Mersham’s end with endless attempts on the goal but Mersham’s goalkeeper was switched on and determined no more balls were going in.

Mersham had a couple of free kicks but even though on target, they were saved by the strong man between the sticks, Ethan Rogers.

The sky grew darker and it went into a few minutes of stoppage time, the rain came down and the boys played on till the whistle blew.

Ashford United have done the double (league and cup) for the second consecutive season!