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Update from Lye

Ashford United manager Danny Lye updates us on his thoughts on the squad.

The Gaffer keeps us updated…

“Following on from the end of the season me and ‘Welfs’ have been busy discussing current players and new targets to improve the squad.

We have agreed and signed the majority of last years squad and brought in Tyrell Richardson-Brown, Tom Michelson, and Sam Long who all make our squad stronger.

We have offered places to Stuart West, Luke Eldridge and Matt Day but they have not yet committed to the Nuts and Bolts.

We will announce more signings soon which will include a defender, coach and winger/forward that will finish the squad off nicely.

We say goodbye to ‘Palms’ who has been superb for us over the last 2 seasons but when you get promoted it is a normal process that you reshape the squad to strengthen to suit the new standard. I offered ‘Palms’ a deal which I thought was fair for him and the club but we could not agree terms.

That’s football and you move on.

The one thing the club has this year is a good reputation so we don’t have to chase players too hard. People want to be part of the club as they see it for what it is… A club on the up!”