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Tyrell RB interview

We asked TRB about his past clubs, how he came to sign for the Nuts & Bolts, targets for the season and favoured positions on the field.

The club would like to introduce fans to new signing Mr Tyrell Richardson-Brown. We asked TRB about his past clubs, how he came to sign for the Nuts & Bolts, targets for the season and favoured positions on the field….

“Hi my name is Tyrell Richardson-Brown, people/ friends call me T or TRB.

My football career stems from a young age and I’ve always had a passion for the game. Clubs in the past have been Fisher, Kingstonian and Hastings. 

Last season I was with Burgess Hill Town FC under manager Ian Chapman. I had a great experience there and was able to get a few goals under my belt including the opener that unfortunately sent AUFC out of the FA cup. Admittedly you were the better passing side but patience and tactics is what won us that game.
If I’m honest I can’t really remember how it all came together, (signing for United) I just remember talking with Fraser Walker and Rory Hill about football and everyone’s views on next season, next thing I get a text from Danny Lye saying the boys have given him my number and that he’s interested and knows about me and asked what my plans are for next season, it kind of went from there.

My preferred position is upfront, I’ve played out on the wing also but don’t be surprised if you see me in our own half busting a gut to help out the team. 

Targets haven’t really been a part of my main focus throughout a season because anything can happen… my only target is to work hard as a team and individual and the rest will follow.

I live in south east London and outside of football I do engineering. I’ve known Fraser for many years and was lucky to meet Rory through him as they were and still are childhood friends. The boys have expressed to me how welcoming the other lads are and also the staff. I’ve been to a number of games to support them including your cup final down at Maidstone and your final game at home to win the league so I’ve seen the fans in action!

I’m looking forward to the coming season and I’m excited for the team because it’s the next step up for the club so I know that everyone will be hungry to succeed!”
Signed TRB. 

Welcome to Ashford United TRB and thank you for your time and introducing yourself to our supporters.