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The good news just keeps on coming…..

Up to Date Information From Danny Lye!

I’m excited to bring you the very latest news from Danny Lye on signings for next season.

Please read below a message I’ve received from Lyzee……

Ryan Palmer and big George Kamurasi have committed themselves to the club for next season.

Also I am pleased to announce the signing of wing wizard Rory hill. Rory spent last season at Cray valley.
I know Rory well from our time at Maidstone together. Me (Lyzee), Welford, Micky (Phillips) Boothy (Paul Booth) and Ben Davisson were all part of the promotion on Maidstones debut season at the Gallagher stadium.

Rory adds to the excellent quality of wide men we now have at the club.
Danny Lye.

It’s been a fantastic few days for the club and supporters, and this news once again confirms the ambition of our great football club to keep on building for the future.

We also hope all this positive news helps to lay to rest any uncertainty any supporter, old or new, had about the strength of our squad next season.

Coming soon….
I will be bringing you some comments from Mr Danny Lye. Also some information on our budding youth team.

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