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The following statement is for release via the clubs media outlets and reads as follows…….
Ashford United Football Club Ltd would like to take this opportunity to address all fans ,friends and supporters of the club and give up to date details of recent happenings with regard to the clubs latest overall position. The club would like to apologise to one and all with regard to the lack of information that has been forthcoming in recent months but it has been important to gather facts and concrete evidence rather than unfounded speculation which has taken time which will be critical in exonerating the club.
On Friday 18th March Ashford United Football Club Ltd(AUFC) issued proceedings in the High Court of Justice(Chancery Division)against 1) V,Bar Ltd and 2) Minotaur Clubs Partnership Ltd seeking,among other remedies,the re-conveyance of its property commonly known as The Homelands,back to AUFC and the cancellation of all documents associated with the transaction whereby the property was transferred away from AUFC’s ownership.
Further and in addition AUFC has applied for an injunction which is to be heard on 6th April 2016 seeking amongst other relief,an order that neither V Bar Ltd nor Minotaur Clubs Partnership Ltd must take any steps to prevent AUFC from carrying on all of its football club business at the property including playing matches, training, coaching and hosting events of all kinds.
Philip Myers
Legal Director
Real Estate Litigation @
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