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Oh Ryan Palmer……

Ryan's aiming high for the new season.....

Today we bring you the thoughts of Ashford United’s wizard on the wing….
Mr RYAN (the love of our lives) PALMER……

I am overjoyed that I have made the decision to stay at Ashford United FC. I had various offers at higher levels but was persuaded by the ambition and project of the club which was expressed from Lyze.

Ashford for me is a very special place. This is the best club that I have ever been at, and also has the best fans. The fans make every game that much more special. They are committed, loud and supportive. They bring my level of morale up when performing especially when they start singing my song. ‘Oh Ryan Palmer’ the song always make’s me laugh and puts me in a positive mood. Not sure how they will feel if I would act on it though hahahha. They are a great bunch of guys and I get on well with all of them, from pitch side to in the club house they are brilliant and help the driving force of the team.

Last season in many ways was very successful with all the memories we created. The highlight for me was the journey in the FA Trophy. We got to play and stay in places every so often, this made me feel similar to what professional footballers would be doing on a larger scale.
Another highlight was being able to get married in the public eye and bringing the tv cameras to my football club, getting them to film the match, interact with the crowd and the day to day routine on match days. I was made out to be bantered in the changing room about not being greedy or make sure my mind is on football not getting married. It was a very special moment to have that memory shared with the club as I think it’s the first time.
During the course of the season I did not have many lows as my mind set and the clubs was very High. I would just say it was very disappointing with the run that we was on, then was suddenly taken away from us and the momentum went because 10 points was deducted. This was a massive blow and really set us back in catching leaders Greenwich Borough.

However this season is a different matter and my eyes are set on the title and getting Ashford back into Ryman football. This season as every season I will set myself targets and expectations to achieve making them realistic and measurable. Last season was 15 goals and 10 assists, I was able to get 16 goals and 15+ assists which I was happy with. This season I will be setting myself 25 Goals and 15 assist which I should be reaching considering i went a few games in a row last season without scoring.

I have no doubt as a team we will go on this season to challenge for every medal and competition we enter. We have an amazing squad with some great additions. My partners of crime on the pitch is my main boy Tasser Hassan who has the same mind set but we are very different at the same time. However because we have the same mind are different player styles compliment each other and we are always feeding of each others flair and ‘raaaataataaat’ these are the sounds we make to imitate the sharpness and quickness of our footwork.
My other partner in crime is big man Welford, who is such a great experience player to learn and play with. The man is in such Good condition considering his age and puts in 100% every game. Me and Welfs work together very well, we have built up a relationship where we can tell by each other’s body language what our next move is. The man inspires me to achieve and be determined he is aware of my ability but doesn’t allow me to get comfortable and wants to push me to the limit.
Both him and Lyze on the management side of things are excellent. One of the best managers I have played under, their persona and management techniques are brilliant. They allow me to express myself without pressure of fear which enables me to be able to concentrate on doing my bits. It’s amazing to have a manger like Danny Lye such a cool down to earth manager and I’m lucky to be able to have another year under him.

One massive addition which I was waiting for was my brother from day one, Big G. I was so happy when he announced he was staying with Ashford as I know he was getting similar interest around the same time as me. We were both close to signing else where, but when talking to eachother and saying what we can achieve together and what we have done already in our playing careers is something most people don’t get to do.
Me and George go way back and we have played in various team together such as Ashford, Grays Athletic, Erith & Belvedere and most importantly Nike Academy. Nike academy has been one of the best highlights of my football, being picked out of thousands of footballers to represent Nike and a part of the best non professional players in the country. This was even more special because me and George Both got in on the Same day. George was also there the year before so it was great that he got me the contact I applied and left the rest to God and my ability. We played against some great teams such as a trip to PSG to face the reserves in France (Paris). My best game was against Southampton which is on YouTube (Nike Academy Vs Southampton) we lost like 8-1 with Oxlade Chamberlin scoring 3 then going off at half time. But I managed to score the only goal for Nike and it was one of the best goals I have scored from running with it from inside my half taking on players and hitting it in the top corner.

I can not wait to get started with this season, and looking forward to getting back into pre season and seeing all the lads and getting that chemistry flowing again.
During the off season and throughout the year I run my own sports company called Kickup Sports Ltd so I’m always coaching every saturday morning before a game. But even though I’m coaching the kids, it gets my mind active before our matches and keeps it active when the football season finishes.
We give opportunities to kids of a young age to have the chance to play football for the enjoyment. We have a very different approach to most sports companies and soccer schools. Ours is based around fun and creativity, we provide fun skilled sessions which are very creative and teaches them the main fundamentals of football. However without them knowing they are learning and developing, but at the same time, having a great time so they then respond more naturally and the growth of their development is a lot greater.
Kickup Sports Ltd is getting bigger and I hope by me announcing this during the article we can get more people to have a look at our Facebook page and to check it out and like our page. The link is

Looking forward to getting started and can’t wait for the season to start. My confidence is still high and it will only get greater I call this mentality of mine ‘Palmfidence’.

We hope all our supporters have enjoyed reading about Palms.
He’s certainly a fans favourite and already given us some great goals and memories.
Come along to our preseason games to see him in action once again in the green and white of A.U.F.C.

First game at Homelands is V’s Folkestone Invicta, Saturday the 9th July. Kick off 3pm. Followed by a visit from Faversham Town on the following Tuesday 12th July, 7:45pm Kick off.