5th May 2018 |Youth News | Views

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Ashford United U16s East Kent Youth League side are a cracking, talented football team that are not just a fantastic group of players but also a great group of friends, discussing tactics and upcoming games as well as results and match talking points in their “Football chat”, and at one point in the season they even went as far as to make up their own football chant!

The squad:

The solid back:


Lewis Briggs

Right Backs:

Charlie Hilden and Brandon Gombedza

Centre Backs:

(Captain) Matt Lukehurst and Olliver Dwayne Hollis

Left Backs:

Jack Cooke and Taylor Griffin

The Creative Midfield:

Right Side:

Oscar Ford

Defensive Midfielders:

Kian Derry, Joshua Perry, Marshal Mwangara and Jamie Fisher

Left Side:

James Olsen

The Prolific striking force

Attacking Mids:

Jack Mason and Matt Wootton

Centre Forward:

Matt Davis

The brains behind the whole operation:


Roger Mason

Assistant Manager

Mark Lukehurst

Each one of the players have been exceptional this season and have contributed to this magnificent achievement, improving their skill and confidence year on year to mature into a division winning team who all have bright futures ahead and are looking to secure their place in the Ashford United 1st team. Also shoutout to right back Louis May who has been with this squad for ages but got injured before the start of the season

Well done to the lads! Onwards to next season.