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My Club Betting – Ashford United

Posted in News on 20th October 2017

Place bets and help the club earn revenue!

Ashford United are now linked with!

Fans who enjoy a bet every now and again can help earn Ashford United revenue by placing bets via this platform.

My Club Betting provide an efficient FREE betting site for our club.

This gives our fans & supporters their very own, easy-to-use betting service that helps us generate revenue.

The site will offer the best live odds, great special offers on all sporting events, in-play betting and cash-out.

We spoke with Stephen Wundke, CEO of My Club Betting.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Ashford United FC to our family of football clubs who are now earning good money through their club betting sites. We can guarantee your supporters that they will get more offers, more often and enjoy more fun from their betting than any other and they are directly helping the club they support by opening an account. It is a win for everyone and we are looking forward to working with you. Welcome aboard.”


Bet responsibly!