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Minutes of Meeting Sandyacres 26-4-16

After several postings of today causing more speculation and unknowns I have compiled the minutes of the meeting for all to see …………………….

As an update to the meeting of AUFC held at Sandyacres Tuesday 26th April
The meeting commenced at 7pm .On the stage giving detailed information were Danny Lye, Sean Welford ,Sean Hollands,,Don Crosbie,Derek Pestridge,Margaret Pestridge,Jason Whitmore, and Denise Peach.
After an initial briefing on the latest situation at the club by Don Crosbie the overall theme was to try to get from the assembled fans, some 70in total,ideas and thought provoking ways to obtain fund raising for the club for the coming season. We have obtained security of tenure for the club at Homelands, a requirement of the FA in order for us to play football. The present owners of Homelands issued this for the club to become a tenant on several points of understanding including the requirement of not issuing court proceedings as previously advised to club members for the 6th April.
Don Crosbie and Denise Peach will not be able to gain access to Homelands for home games.
Several ideas and comments came from the floor and agreed were the following………….

1)Players Kit sponsorship to be brought back into action for the coming season.Pricing to follow.

2)Ernie Warren will be organising and trying to achieve a 100 club for fund raising, news of which will follow as soon as the final details are assessed.

3)The issue of poor public relations and club information in general is lacking. There was also strong feeling towards the winding up and deletion of the clubs Forum due mainly to the amount of bad anti-club publicity that found it’s way onto the Forum and this despite the fact that both the Admin and moderators of the Forum had exhaustedly cleaned up the content over the past season.

4)The decision to delete the forum was passed by the majority vote.

5)The clubs media will be expanded in to the social media sites of Twitter and Facebook. A younger crew headed by Sam Shannon will undertake the revamping of both sites and will service and update on a regular basis in order to move the club on to a more modern outlook.

6)The website will have a link to both social media site in the top right hand corner of the main page .Merely clicking on these symbols will take you to the Twitter or Facebook pages.

7)The website will receive an update ,A news correspondent ,Neil Chamberlain was appointed for the website. His duties will include the liaison with the club team manager for twice weekly updates obtaining information including latest signings,player injuries and any other pertinent team news. This information will be published on the Website as soon as it becomes available which will be for all to see

8)Programe Sales. At present we sell only about third of the total amount of programmes which we have to print. There are sponsors in place to offset production costs. It was decided that the programme was a very good read and was undoubtedly the beat produced programme in our league. The view was that the programme would continue in its present format with the excess being distributed in Ashford Centres such as the shopping centres ,hairdressers bookmakers ,shops offices etc in order to advertise the sheer existence of the club and its whereabouts. Derek Pestridge was the main voice on this new operation.

9)Club Shop The club shop will not be expanded for the coming season although shirts and scarves etc will still be for sale with Ernie Warren and Terry Moore being situated in the club shop for the sale of goods,programmes and issuing tickets for the 50/50 draw which was and will be a steady small contributor of much needed funds.
10)All members present were asked from the stage to try to get interest in the club from works,offices colleagues etc with fund raising schemes however small be it from sponsorship,collections,bingo nights .race nights etc. The supporters club under the chairmanship of Ernie Warren would look at fund raising schemes .The club needs to adopt a commercial attitude in order to survive.

11)Direction of Funds when raised.
Jason Whitmore will engage an accountant to oversee the distribution of funds raised. This is to ensure that money when raised for each individual part is put towards that cause. For instance players kit sponsorship money goes to that cause and is not just put into a big pot to pay say the electricity bill etc. Each and every sponsors money will be judged as to which cause it is to be used. Transparency is of the utmost reasoning for this.

12)Playing Budget.
There will be a reduction in the money available for paying players for next season. The team is going to be a blend of experience and youth with Danny Lye committed to the managers job .Sean Welford ,Paul Booth Ryan Palmer have committed to next season with negotiations on going with other present team members. The exact playing budget at this time is an unknown quantity.

13)The storm damage to the rear perimeter fence is the responsibility of the landlord/owner of Homelands and adequate insurance should cover the cost of repairs.

14)Pre-season friendlies are being arranged by Danny Lye. A list of dates and clubs being played will be forthcoming when finalised.

15)The season is 38 weeks of playing football and the financing of the playing budget is due to be calculated on this amount of time. The cost of actually running the club will be calculated separately with Jason Whitmore’s accountant proportioning the individual costs.

16)Season Tickets. Colin Hallybone will co-ordinate and issue the season tickets which will remain the same cost as last seasons. A life season ticket covering all games including cup games can be issued at the cost of £1000 for life time coverage..This offer was in response to a valid enquiry raised on the night.

17)The reserve team will not feature next season.

The meeting closed at 10 pm with networking of matters being discussed afterwards.The general consensus of opinion was the meeting was very open informative and thought provoking with regards to the way to raise funds.