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Hanwell Game Pitch Preparation: Latest News

Volunteers and the Ransomes Machine in fight for Vase Game go ahead.

Following on from Wednesday’s day time and Thursday’s night time rain deluge on Ashford, the football club have taken steps today to hopefully enable this game tomorrow (Sat 8th Feb) to take place.

We appealed for volunteers complete with garden forks to come to the club today (Friday) with the aim of forking the top soil to help with the drainage process. There was also a full pitch spiking carried out using  the newly acquired Ransomes machine with a rotary surface aeration spiking device attached. A gallant band of up to 10 people worked tirelessly to fork deep drainage holes whilst other volunteers kept the tea and coffee coming with biscuits to keep them going! The result after many hours of hard work is NO surface water is present and the complete playing surface and surrounding area is perforated to enable quick drainage of water.

A referees informal pitch inspection guided the work force as to vulnerable areas that needed extra work carried out.We now await tonight’s rainfall and early tomorrow from 7-30 am onward, the pitch will again be forked if required. A referee’s pitch inspection will take place at 10am which will be in plenty of time to advise all visitors to travel or not whichever is the case.

All at the football club and beyond thank enormously the happy band of volunteers who came to give us a good fighting chance to stage this match which has been postponed on numerous occasions due to this winters torrential rainfall. This website “Hub” and our Fans Forum will carry the news tomorrow as to this games status.