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The Ashford United media team would like to introduce one of our summer signings Josh Wisson…

Josh, Welcome to Ashford United! You’ve joined us from Herne Bay where you’d had a good season, could you tell us how old you are, what other clubs you’ve played at before, what made you fancy the move to Homelands Park and how did it come about please?

“I’m 20 years old, I started off at Sittingbourne where I played for 2 years before playing for Herne Bay last season. The move came about as I was told the gaffer had me watched towards the end of last season so I was passed his number, gave him a call and within a couple days we had a meeting and I shook hands with him to sign. It was impossible to turn down really, as a Millwall fan getting to play under a Millwall legend is exciting and also the whole professional aspect of the club now is something which I want to be a part of.”

For a young man you’ve gained lots of experience in the game already, including a call up for England schoolboys! That must have been a proud and exciting time for you?

“Playing for England schoolboys was a complete honour for me, I was playing really well at the time and to be selected was a proud moment for me and my family and one of the greatest experiences of my life and it certainly helped me mature when going back into mens’ football”

What would you say is your favoured position to play? And how would you describe your style of play?

“My favourite position is a midfielder either holding or central but I can also play centre half comfortably. I would say my style is someone who likes to get the ball off the centre halves and then distribute the play from there and try to make things happen, as well as trying to get forward as much as I can.”

Many players set themselves goals to achieve through a season, is this something you do yourself?

“I do like to set goals, as I’m at a new club with a new manager my first goal is to be in his starting line up, and if I can achieve that I will be happy, from there I’d like to get a lot more goals than previous years, double figures and I’m happy.”

What’re your thoughts on the squad Gary Alexander has been busy building for the coming season, and are there many in the squad that you already know?

“I had my first session last night [at the time of writing] where I met the squad, everyone seems very focused on what we want to achieve and are a good bunch of lads, it’s different for me because at Herne Bay everyone was my age but here at Ashford there’s a lot more experience which I think is only going to help me get better. I know a couple of the boys from playing against them or with them.”

You would have witnessed our vocal support during the fixtures between Herne Bay and Ashford last season, how would you rate them against all the other clubs’ fans in the league, and are you looking forward to having them backing you this season?

“I remember playing against Ashford away last year and the fans were loud and it was a great atmosphere so I’m looking forward to playing with that on our side. I’d definitely say it’s well known that Ashford and Sittingbourne have the best fans in the league in terms of vocal support and the way they get behind the team.”

Pre-season is now upon us with many friendly games arranged, with a few training sessions already completed how are you feeling fitness wise and do you feel ready to go?

“Unfortunately I missed the first couple of sessions due to being on holiday however I’ve always been the type of person to go out running over the summer so I don’t struggle when I come back. I managed to run over my holiday as well so I came back to training and felt good. The main thing is getting the match fitness under your belt and the sharpness with the ball, so hopefully after a few friendlies I will be feeling 100%.”

If I could grant you a football related wish, what what your wish be Josh?

“If I was to have one wish in football then it would be to play for Millwall one day. A club I’ve had a season ticket for since the age of 5 and I still do now to this day even though I play on Saturdays. For my family as well being Millwall fans that would be huge.”

Thank you for your time today Josh, I’m sure all involved with AUFC will enjoy reading your comments and wish you all the best for the season. Before we end, is there anything that you’d like to say to our superb supporters or anyone else?

“I’d like to say to the supporters to come in their numbers and make as much noise as they can because I have a feeling this is gonna be a very successful year.”