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Development Stage 1 Starts!

Posted in Club News on 19th May 2015 by Colin Hallybone

3G Pitch On It's Way!

nullDSCF0013DSCF0011DSCF0016DSCF0021DSCF0031Homelands Park development got underway this Monday 18th May following the last event held on the Homelands turf ,a tournament for South Ashford FC who had over 1,000 youth football players involved in a 2 day knockout tournament.

This website talking to Don Crosbie about the 3G pitch installation had many points clarified by him which we now bring to you.

Firstly ,there seems a small gang of workers doing the installation? “Yes at the moment that’s true. We have a skilled digger driver who is working around the perimeter of the pitch in order to give the bulldozers the correct levels to follow. The whole area has been core sampled and then laser levels taken to determine the amount of top soil to be removed. There is a dumper driver taking away the uplifted soil. The topsoil will remain on site for future use on further development. We are also taking down the old perimeter fence and that has been substantially over concreted in and was in danger of damaging the existing concrete pathways if we tried to remove the base so we have cut off at ground level and will be recycling the old railings to metal scrap. The green infill of plastic coated steel has also been saved .We are on time for the bulldozers to come in later on in the week to remove the bulk of the topsoil but before then we also have to expose the watering system outlet jets as they feature with the new pitch for sanitation purposes. The existing drainage system will prove more than adequate when we add a couple more trenches to areas that did not drain well under the existing system. All in all its all going to plan.”

Asked when will the new pitch be ready Don replied with “It will all be ready for the start of the new season.There is a lot to do in a short period of time but we are on time and it’s all going to plan”.