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Club statement from Denise Peach….

Having discovered at the weekend that AUFC was not named on the list of clubs applying for promotion I contacted the FA to find out why.
It has taken a couple of days to establish but it appears that the application was not received at Wembley FA offices.
I have resent the application by email today. We have been informed that we will have to enter an appeal within 14 days asking for our application to be accepted late.
We will of course enter the appeal process immediately. I will endeavour to keep you all up to date as the process progresses.
I had to check the precise reason why we were not on the list before making this statement, so apologies to the true supporters of football and especially of AUFC that they have had to suffer the ill founded comments from those who make judgements without knowledge and especially to our players who are doing so well on the park.

Please keep up the fantastic support that you give Danny Lye and all his staff and players week in week out, they all really appreciate your efforts as do we.

Thank you for your continued support through difficult times off the field.

Denise Peach