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We can confirm striker Andrew Dalhouse has been released from the club.

Regarding the statement from Andrew Dalhouse…

“We go out to challenge our players, so we give players tests for their mental and physical fitness levels. He failed the latter as he couldn’t even complete a simple running session which is unacceptable at this stage of the season and he should be better. Being the other side of 30 years old, his fitness levels need to be better.

On Tuesday at training he then tells our physio he is injured, and then going to play for another team on the Wednesday, that is not acceptable. Dalhouse told us he was doing everything our physio told him to do but we’re sure he [physio] didn’t tell him to go play for another club the following day especially after just picking up an injury.
Andrew, in his statement said during the game on Wednesday he only played a short time, but we know this is not true as we have evidence he played a substantial amount of time (he did score though!).

When we text him to ask if he’s coming in to training tonight, this morning he told us he was still injured and was coming in tonight to see the physio but couldn’t take part in training. This is not acceptable, and this is all a part of the reasoning for him being released, especially when you’re paid by Ashford United Football Club. You need to give 100% for that club and not going out playing for another in-between our own training nights.”