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100 Club results for April 2018

Are you a lucky winner?

The latest draws for the AUFC 100 club have been drawn for April 2018, and they’re below!

Week 88 – 7th April 2018

£100 – No.49 – Don Fagg
£15 – No.17 – John Davis
£10 – No.04 – Brian Spicer

Week 89 – 14th April 2018

£100 – No.24 – Jason Whitmore
£15 – No.16 – Mick Proctor
£10 – No.46 – Kenneth Mason

Week 90 – 21st April 2018

£100 – No.51 – Benn Phillips
£15 – No.06 – Sue Warren
£10 – No.36 – Paul Luff

Week 91 – 28th April 2018

£100 – No.52 – Andy Oliver
£15 – No.23 – Richard Pestridge
£10 – No.19 – Margaret Pestridge

The Ashford United 100 Club is an important fundraising method to Ashford United.

The club has raised thousands of pounds since this scheme started which has all been donated to support the first team.

We are asking for more fans to consider joining the 100 Club as not only is it a great way for you to support the club but also a great opportunity for you to win £100 every week!

Fans who sign up get 4 FREE draws throughout the year which means 52 chances to win every season!

Sign up is £20 a month and can be paid in cash or direct debit, please see Ernie Warren or Terry Moore in the club shop or the turnstiles on match days.

For more information, please email

Thank you for your support.