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Catch up with Michelsen

Last night we managed to catch up with Tommy Michelsen after his return to Ashford United for the coming season.

Read about Tom’s thoughts on the season ahead and last season…

“I loved every minute of last season whilst I was with Ashford United and to be honest I never should have left.

I left to try and help a mate out in ‘piggy’ (Paul Piggot) as he had become Chatham Town boss and asked me to join him, I should of been selfish and thought about myself!

The main reason I wanted to come back to Ashford was the gaffa (Danny Lye), he’s a top bloke and I like the way he runs things, you know where you stand with him and I have to thank him for having me back.

And of course the fans who are there week in week out, rain or shine and don’t stop singing, it really does go a long way over the season!!

Like when last season we where up against the ropes at Corinthian, playing up hill, down on numbers and we scored a last minute goal, the whole team ran over and celebrated together with our traveling fans, it was a great moment!”

Tom went on to express his thoughts on next season…

“Having played for Chatham last season I know there is a better standard of football played in the Isthmian South.

I’m really looking forward to the challenge back at Ashford United and I’m confident that with the squad Lyzee is putting together we can push for the playoffs, if not higher.

I look forward to seeing you all again in pre-season as we start preparing for the long season ahead.

Come on the Nuts & Bolts!!

Tom Michelsen.”