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“Booth….There he is..”

Goals, Goals, Goals predicts player/coach Paul Booth.......

Today we have a few words from our young, hungry striker and player/coach……. PAUL BOOTH.

I’m very pleased to be staying at ashford United and being a part of team lye again! I enjoyed my first season at the club, having good lads around you makes it more enjoyable and at My age that is very important. Last season ended a bit flat due to the points deduction and the narrow loss in the cup final but when you reflect now i still feel we had a great season which will set us up nicely for the coming season. On speaking to Danny I believe most of last season have already committed and with the likes of Rory (Rory Hill) and incey (Brett Ince) signing it will give us even more options going forward. I know Danny is still in the market for more players to add to an already capable squad.
Last season we lacked legs in the team but Danny put that right straightaway by signing the likes of dalts, faggy and dicko, (Mikey Dalton, Tommie Fag, Charlie Dickens) now we have a good mix of youth and experience which all good teams need.
Personally being 40 in jan I know I can’t play every week and to be honest the home games are tough on that big pitch but I’ll always be available for selection and eager to play like any other season as I still have hunger for the game. Some fans may say me and welfs are too old but nearly 40 goals for welfs and 30 for me proves we still have a lot to offer. I enjoy playing with Shaun and would love to have played together in our late 20’s, you know what you get with welfs, his work rate is 2nd to none and I’ve never played with anyone better than him at attacking headers, I still think we have goals in Us but with the likes of Brett, faggy, Rory, palms, Tass, we have goals from all angles.
On the coaching side I’ll be helping out as usual with my side kick mr holland who has been tremendous since coming on board, his personality keeps the boys smiling which is important throughout a long season.
Would like to mention the fans who have been fantastic all season through the good and bad times, stick with us and let’s make next season one we can’t forget!!

P.s I love my song!
Paul Booth.

As Boothy mentions, a few supporters had their reservers about the ages of our strike partnership when they joined last year. With well over 60 goals between them they certainly won us all around. Booth and Welford have been, and will once again be a menace to any defence they meet.
With the younger members of our squad training and playing with the likes of these two, they can only learn from two of non league’s most experienced and fittest players.