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AUFC supporting Armed Forces Day

Ashford United aren't just a football club, but also a family and a community hub for those local in the area.

‘United We Stand’ for Armed Forces Day

As a club who thrive on anything and everything to maintain and improve a community, we absolutely support everything the Armed Forces stand for in the United Kingdom.

The club hopes that fans and locals alike can all appreciate the amazing hard work and effort that these incredible heroes go through every day to help serve our nation, and through awareness such as this, we hope the support for those in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force doesn’t go unnoticed, even those who are Veterans, Reservists and Cadets.

AUFC would also like to specifically thank certain locals who serve in those forces mentioned above, who of which in return, show support back to their hometown club.

The Royal Airforce’s Flying Officer Christopher Fenton told us:

“I’ve played football in Ashford all my life in the Saturday and Sunday leagues and I was really pleased to see how well my local team did last season. I hope the success continues next season after the promotion and cup win, hopefully I can get back for a couple of games!”

The Royal Navy’s Leading Engineering Technician (Weapons Engineer) Joe Hedington told us:

“It’s hard to go to Ashford games whilst being away so much in the Royal Navy but any spare time I get I find myself at the games. I was so happy to see Ashford do the double and hopefully it gives us the boost to push forward this {coming} season!”

The British Army’s future Vehicle Mechanic Harry Shannon told us:

“I’m missing the away days like Tunbridge wells and Erith & Belvedere but I know that this promotion will do good things for the club and the fans, and hopefully the fan base will grow. We need to make the most of our momentum to carry on through to next season. C’mon you Nuts and Bolts!”

We hope to see these three wonderful ‘Ashfordians’ home soon. Please remember to support our Armed Forces, not just today, but every day as they are always protecting us.