Please Note: We are currently working on a brand new website behind the scenes, so things may misbehave or not look quite right on the surface for now, but please bear with us - it'll be well worth it!

An Injection Of Enthusiasm!

The Latest Club News To You As It Happens!

It comes with great pleasure to acknowledge this new enthusiasm being shown for bringing bang up to date news from our new intrepid reporter Neil Chamberlain.

With the cessation of the AUFC Forum, the management /owners of the club decided that we needed to concentrate on just one main source of club information obtained from just one website heading and that is ,our very own website “Hub”. This also carries the two main social networking sites for the future ,Facebook and Twitter.

Both of these features can be seen and obtained by going to the website HOME page and if you look up into the top right hand corner of the page you will see the F of facebook and the twitter sign which is a tweeting bird emblem. You need to merely click on these to obtain the latest up to date comments from fans, supporters and the general publics viewpoint, plus these sites will also be updated on match days with the latest scores as they happen!

This website is also being added to with additional features in due course, so watch this space on all things that are ASHFORD UNITED!