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Sunday 25th November 2018

Ashford & District Sunday Football League Division 3

Ashford United 3rds 2-5 Lolzors FC Reserves

Our run of winning games came to an end at the Ridge on Sunday in a game that was very competitive and sometimes a little overheated. There was an incident that turned ugly but I am not going to waste space allowing that to distract me from reporting on a hard fought game where I have to admit that the right team came out on top. Having said that the scoreline does hide the competitiveness of the game and make it look as if we were over run, but nothing could be further from the truth. We gave away an own goal and missed 2 penalties. We did score 1 penalty but in a game as important as this where both teams are looking for promotion we should have done better. Overall I am pleased with the way the team performed and the effort that they put into the match. But for now we have to go away and lick our wounds and prepare for our next match. Cheers Roger Hadlum, Manager of Ashford United 3rds.