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Pilgrims FC 0-3 Ashford United 3rds

Ashford & District Sunday Football League

Played at Great Chart playing fields on Sunday 28th April 2019


We won the first of our four must win games today and the guys played some good football in doing so but Pilgrims are if nothing else a resilient team and their goalkeeper played a terrific game. Over the years I have been to many games where I have felt that the opposing goalkeeper was from another planet in the amount of good saves that he made during the game and Pilgrims keeper was one of those players today. Our own goalkeeper Gregg Moncrieff also had a good game saving a penalty early on in the second half when we were winning 2-0. Had Pilgrims scored that goal it could have made a big difference as too how the game may have finished. United 3rds were 2-0 up in the first half both goals being scored by two players making their first appearance for the team, Ilie-Viorel Turban and Claudio-Ionel Auram. Both players had a very good debut game. Tom McDonald scored the 3rd and also picked up man of the match. But I just hope that we do not regret the goals that we missed. Well played guys. Cheers Roger Hadlum Manager of Ashford United 3rds.


Starting line up:

Gregg Moncrieff

Thomas Robinson, Adam Heathcote, Liam Overy, Matt Williamson

Zak Hankin, Tom McDonald, Ilie-Viorel Turban, Claudio-Ionel Auram,

Ivan Kirov, Rhys Hodges.


Subs (all used): Jordan Price, Alessandro Davitti, Jake Brown, Josh White, Joey Wealthyland.