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This Sunday 23rd September 2018 our 3rds take on Bromley Green Reserves away in Newtown, 10.30am kick off.

The match is being played at Waterside, Turner close off Newtown road, TN24 0PQ.

It was good to get a second win under our belts last Sunday against Charing Reserves FC. This Sunday we go out against local rivals Bromley Green Reserves. We are playing at their home ground in New Town, where we have played some good matches against previous Bromley Green teams. We have certain things that we want to work on in training this week, nothing major but we did let a couple of things slip last week against Charing and allowed them back into the game. It’s very easy to let a win gloss over certain things that need putting right, but at the end of the day a win is a win, and it keeps everybody happy. Cheers Roger Hadlum, Manager Ashford United 3rds.