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Sunday 14th October 2018

Today’s game was abandoned 30 minutes into the first half when Referee Dave Ambrose sustained a head injury. At the time of the game being called off United 3rds were losing 2/3 to Spartans. The first 30 minutes had been hotly contested with 5 goals flying into the back of the net. It is difficult to say whether United 3rds would have got back into the game or not during the second half, but they had shown enough fight to suggest that they would have taken the game right to the wire. With the Referee on his way to hospital the game continued as a friendly but as we know there are no such things as friendlies in football. I refereed the second 45 minutes and according to those playing and watching, I was rubbish. Actually they used language that I would not repeat on a Sunday. The game ended with everybody smiling and shaking hands and looking forward to the replay, which I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will not be allowed to referee. Cheers – Roger Hadlum, Manager Ashford United 3rds.